Welcome to The Way of the Cross Church, Intl.

Welcome to the national website for "The Way of the Cross Church of Christ, International". We trust that as you navigate through the website, you will enjoy reading about the history of our organization. Please click on the links to view our Executive Board of Bishops, pastors, deacons, missionaries and many other forms of interests to you. I invite you to attend our services if you find yourself in the city where some of our churches are located. We are committed to the service of the Lord and believe in “One Lord, One Faith and One Baptism.”

On behalf of The Way of the Cross organization, we hope to hear from you via email or telephone if you so desire. I pray that God will grant you peace in these last and evil days. We will continue to keep you in prayer and again, welcome.

Your Humble Servant,
Bishop Leroy H. Cannady, Sr.
Presiding Bishop

Bishop Leroy H. Cannady, Sr.
Bishop Alphonzo D. Brooks
Bishop Earley Dillard
Bishop Willie J. Davis
Bishop Johnny L. Alston
Bishop Roosevelt Fulton
Bishop Hurron Freeman
Bishop Terry A. Hicks
Bishop Keith D. Nesmith
Honorary Bishop Walter Thompson, Sr.
WOTCC Pastors
District Elder Melvin Easley, Jr.
Mother Cecilia Williams
Mother Helen Brooks
Mother Dorothy Thompson
Mother Willetta Rose McGhee
Missionary Gloria Foddrell
Mother Sally Lowe


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