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The WOTCC International Headquarters
1800 Hazelwood, Capitol Heights, MD 20743


The Office of the Presiding Bishop
1825 Budds Ferry Road
Indian Head, Md 20640

Bishop Alphonzo D. Brooks, Presiding Bishop

Administrative Staff
Bishop Bennett Gamble, Personal Assistant
Dr. H. Michael Seward, Jr., Administrator
Vivian Pearson, Administrative Assistant
Shirley Johnson, Executive Secretary
Evelyn Williams, Engagement Secretary

Executive Staff
Bishop Earley Dillard, 1st Vice Presiding Bishop
Bishop Roosevelt Fulton, 2nd Vice Presiding Bishop
Bishop Leroy Cannady, Presiding Bishop Emeritus


The Office of Media Relations
Dr. H. Michael Seward, Jr. - Director of Media Relations
Joy L. Miller- Assistant Director of Media Relations
Dr. H. Michael Seward, Jr., & Joy Miller - Social Media Coordinator
Shakeem Boone - Radio and TV Marketing Manager
Adam Hairston - Media Production Assistant
Antoine Lancaster - Media Production Assistant
Elder Walter T. Lancaster - National Photographer
Jeff Long - Public Relations Manager
T’Aria Reynolds - Managing Editor & Publications Coordinator

For media inquiries and interviews contact:
Director of Media Relations - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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