Headquarters, Martinsville, Virginia
Bishop Earley Dillard, DDiv., Presiding Bishop

Bishop Alphonzo D. Brooks

Demonstrating loyalty to God and to his country, Alphonzo enlisted in the U.S. Army, where he became a paratrooper. He had no idea that his responsibility as a paratrooper was merely a precursor to God’s divine purpose for his life. Through the power of the Holy Ghost, and with a desire to do the perfect will of God, Alphonzo continues to soar in the kingdom of God, against all odds.

On July 4, 1964, he was married to Miss Helen Price of Washington, DC. Through the years, they have parented five children (Clifton and James deceased) and numerous foster children.

In October 1967, Alphonzo accepted God’s call to ministry and in 1969 was ordained an Elder of The Way of the Cross Church of Christ, in Washington, DC. In 1972, God continue to increase his borders, and he was appointed as the Assistant. Following the retirement of the former pastor, Bishop John L. Brooks, Elder Brooks anointed as Pastor in September of 1978. Through the years, he has held many notable positions within The Way of the Cross Church of Christ, International organization including Chairman of the National Board of Trustees and Pastoral Council.

In the Nation’s capital and across the globe, Bishop Brooks is highly respected and admired for the wisdom that God has given him to produce; both spiritually and economically. God has blessed his ministry to flourish, and he is the spiritual father to numerous churches throughout the East Coast, Alaska and the African Continent. He is the founder of the Apostolic Christian College and the Sound of Pentecost Radio Broadcast. At the local church, he is revered as the under-shepherd that God has chosen to lead His people for such a time as this. He continues to preach the life transforming gospel of Jesus Christ, without apprehension or apology.

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