Headquarters, Martinsville, Virginia
Bishop Earley Dillard, DDiv., Presiding Bishop

Bishop Terry A. Hicks, New England Diocesan

As a minister he continued to work diligently with his father and the saints of New Bethel. He was the first musician anointed to play the piano in the church and was faithful to the church and the pastor. He and his family attended services faithfully. In 1967, at the New England Diocese Service in Hartford, Connecticut, he was anointed by God to preach the gospel. He continued to preach God’s word without hesitation. He worked faithfully in the church and also travelled extensively to many churches, running revivals and preaching the uncompromised word of God. In 1974, he was ordained an Elder and in 2004 he was consecrated to the office of Bishop.

In the year 1991, he stepped out on faith and founded the New Hope Way of the Cross Church in Teaneack, New Jersey. Many trials and tribulations stood before him as he ministered to God’s people as their pastor. No matter what he had to go through he continued to hold on to God’s promise that he would not leave him.

Bishop Terry, over the years was elevated to many positions:
1960s Founded Bethel’s pride, “The Mighty Bethel Specials”
1968 National Youth For Christ Chaplain
1969 First National YFC Evangelist
1974 Ordained an Elder
1977 Local Young Adult Choir President
1984 Local Youth For Christ President
1985 National YFC 3rd Vice President
1991 Founded New Hope Way of the Cross Church
2000 District Elder of NE Diocese
2004 Consecrated to the office of Bishop
2007 Appointed State Bishop in the NE Diocese
2009 Appointed Overseer of New Bethel WOTCC in New York City
2011 Elevated to the Executive Board of Bishops
2013 Consecrated & Installed Diocesan of the NE Diocese