Elected Officers

Bishop Bennett B. Gamble, Sr.
General Secretary

The Office of the General Secretary

Bishop Eric L. Cannady
Pastoral Council Chairman

Pastoral Council

Bishop John Williams
General Board of Bishops Chairman

General Board of Bishops

DE Richard J. Simon, III
Board of District Elders Chairman

Board of District Elders

Bishop Larry Whitfield
Board of Trustee Chairman

Board of Trustees


Youth For Christ

Bishop Travell Travis, IYFC Advisor
DE Johnathan Mintz, President
Antoine D. Lancaster, 1st Vice President
Dr. Sherina D. Travis, 2nd Vice President
JoVen Millner, 3rd Vice President
Jacqueline L. Barlow, Executive Secretary
Ebony V. Johnson, Treasurer

International Ministers and Elders Council
DE Chris Hairston, Chairman

Men's Ministry
Bishop Terry Hicks, Auxiliary Bishop
Bishop Henry C. Lancaster, Chairman
Elder Allen Lewis, Vice Chairman
Deacon Wilbur Miller, Secretary

Deacon's Council
Bishop Larry Whitfield, Auxiliary Bishop
Deacon Floyd Mason, Chairman
Joven Millner, Vice Chairman
Deacon Bernard Griggs, Secretary
Deacon Wendell Miller, Treasurer
Deacon Allen Atkins, Assistant Treasurer

Women's Ministry
Bishop Hurron Freeman, Auxiliary Bishop
Missionary Beatrice Richardson, President
Missionary Janice Dillard, Vice President
Missionary Alandra Abrams, Secretary
Missionary Brenda Randall, Treasurer
Missionary Tiffany Barnett
Financial Secretary

Missionary Ministry
Bishop Darrell Hairston, Auxiliary Bishop
Missionary Maggie Fulton, President
Missionary Margo Easton
1st Vice President

Missionary Frances Spriggs
2nd Vice President

Missionary Marilyn Clements, Secretary
Missionary Wanda Mintz, Asst. Secretary
Missionary Shirley Whitfield, Treasurer
Missionary Patricia Blaino, Asst. Treasurer

Clergy Wives Ministry
Bishop Joe T. Gamble, Auxiliary Bishop
Missionary Lisa Simon, President
Missionary Linda McCrea, Vice President
Missionary Latisha Carter, Secretary
Missionary Keisha Johnson, Treasurer

Deacon Wives Ministry
Bishop Larry Whitfield, Auxiliary Bishop
Missionary Angela Henderson, President
Missionary Melodie Washington
Vice President

Missionary Anna Richardson, Secretary
Missionary Anita Miller, Treasurer
Missionary Chandra Gittens
Financial Secretary

Secretary's Business Council
Bishop Eric Cannady, Auxiliary Bishop
Missionary Phyllis Hairston, President 
Missionary Mary Campbell, Vice President
Sister Jada Langley, Secretary

Ushers Ministry
Bishop Troy Barnett, Auxiliary Bishop
Sister Pamela Foote, President 
Missionary Glenda Henry, Vice President
Sister Christine Samuel, Secretary

Senior's Ministry
Bishop Cleive Adams, Jr., Auxiliary Bishop
Sister Demetria Robinson, President
Sister Shelia Hannah, Vice President
Sister Shaundra Robinson, Secretary
Missionary Marilyn Clements, Treasurer

Health Ministry
Bishop Carlos Simon, Auxiliary Bishop
Sister Priscilla Mintz-Cooks, President
Sister Daisy King Barbour , Vice President
Sister Kitty McGee, Secretary
Sister Loretta Conceico , Treasurer
Sister Marsha Tyree, Chaplain

Children's Ministry
Missionary Alandra Abrams, President
Sister Tosheena Miller, Vice President
Sister Lincia Cannady, Secretary

Christian Education
Bishop Ronald Frazier, Auxiliary Bishop
Dr. Debra Page-Fulmore, President

Hospitality Ministry
Bishop Henry Small, Auxiliary Bishop
DE James Taylor, President

Altar Workers & Intercessors Ministry (AIM)
Bishop Travell Travis,  Auxiliary Bishop

National Headquarters
Bishop Bennett B. Gamble, Sr.
General Secretary

Deacon Herbert Contee
Trustee Board Executive Administrator

1800 Hazelwood Drive
Capitol Heights, MD 20743, US

Executive Staff

Bishop Earley Dillard, Presiding Bishop
Bishop Roosevelt Fulton, Vice Presiding Bishop
Bishop Darnell Easton, 2nd Vice Presiding Bishop
Bishop Alphonzo D. Brooks, Presider Emeritus
Bishop Bennett B Gamble, Sr., General Secretary